How Does Construction for the Highway 74 Bypass Affect Wadesboro Traffic?

new road construction on highway 74 bypass


The Highway 74 bypass construction near Wadesboro will likely affect local traffic patterns for the foreseeable future. Though much of the work is still years away, the bypass may bring much more traffic to the Wadesboro area.


Do Most Accidents Occur on Local Routes or Expressways?

Expressways have a slightly higher rate of fatal accidents, but both types of roads have unique hazards. Regulators and traffic engineers often define expressways as urban roads and local roads as rural roads. Using these definitions, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that in one recent year, about 44 percent of all fatal accidents nationwide occurred on rural/local roads, while 54 percent occurred on expressways/urban roads.

Collisions happen on highways and local roads.

These accidents are often caused by:

  • Expressway accidents— Semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles are more common on highways than local roads, which means motorists have a greater chance of being involved in a collision with one of these large, heavy vehicles. Injuries in highway accidents also tend to be more severe because the vehicles are usually moving at higher speeds. Dangerous traffic infractions like drunk driving, distracted driving, and aggressive driving are also more common on highways.
  • Local road accidents — Because many people rely on them as part of their daily commute, local roads can become very congested during the morning and evening rush hours. Since Highway 74 leads to the coast from the Charlotte area, many beach-bound travelers pass through Wadesboro, creating more congestion on local roads during the summer and on the weekends. Drivers are also more likely to encounter cyclists and pedestrians on local roads. Finally, the presence of intersections and stop lights on local roads leads to more collisions in these areas.

What Does the Highway 74 Bypass Mean for Wadesboro Traffic?

Though some reports claim that the local area will not benefit from the new Highway 74 bypass near Wadesboro, it will still undoubtedly affect local traffic patterns. Because the Highway 74 bypass will connect with other routes to beaches in North Carolina and South Carolina, the bypass will likely increase summer congestion instead of easing it.

Furthermore, it is uncertain whether trucking companies will use the road, and those trucks could significantly impact the volume and flow of traffic in this area. Most traffic on Highway 74 is local, so constructing a bypass might not decrease congestion as some have predicted.

How to Stay Prepared as Construction Begins

As construction on the Highway 74 bypass gets underway, here are a few things you can do to keep yourself safe:

  • Watch out for any detours or changes in your route due to road work.
  • Watch out for debris, stopped traffic, and construction vehicles in work zones.
  • Be especially cautious when driving through work zones at night.
  • Watch for and follow reduced speed limits in work zones.

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