Nov 25 2020

Who Started Thanksgiving? A Blog from Fred Poisson, Jr.

Who started Thanksgiving? It may surprise you that it was Abraham Lincoln in 1863 who proclaimed the last Thursday in November to be a national day of Thanksgiving. In the middle of the Civil War in the First Thanksgiving Proclamation, President Lincoln asked the citizens to pray, specifically, for God “to subdue the anger, which […]

Sep 25 2020

Fred Poisson, Jr. Recounts a Child Support Case from 1976

Fred Poisson, Jr. recounts in early 1976 a successful defense of Mr. M to show cause why he ought not to be imprisoned for willfully failing to pay child support. Show cause cases for nonpayment of child support always bothered me from the start. I was either representing a sorry rascal who refused to work, […]

Sep 22 2020

Personal Injury Claims During COVID-19: Part 3—Jury Trials

How has COVID-19 affected personal injury insurance claims? Poisson, Poisson & Bower will provide a multi-part assessment on how COVID-19 has affected personal injury insurance claims based on our observations as personal injury attorneys practicing in North and South Carolina.  The biggest effects have been lower offers, delays and the cancellation/postponing of jury trials.  COVID-19 […]

Sep 9 2020

Which judges deserve your vote?

Each year, many of you ask us for advice on which judges to select in the judicial elections. Most people know little to nothing about the judicial elections. Stewart Poisson studies the appellate court opinions and is very familiar with most of the judicial candidates. We therefore do not make these recommendations lightly. There are […]

Aug 31 2020


Voting is so important.  You should not be deterred due to COVID-19. You have several options for how to safely vote during the pandemic.  Below we have provided voting resources and important deadlines and information to keep in mind. Above all else, remember to visit if you have any questions. Vote by Mail Request […]