Jan 15 2020

Five Things You Should Do If You Are Injured at Work

Don’t tank your workers’ compensation claim by doing the wrong thing. Workplace injury claims are complex. Most people think that any injury at work is automatically covered under workers’ compensation. This is not the case, there is a lot more to it than that. The best thing to do if you have been injured at […]

Jan 3 2020

A Personal Note From George Bower, Jr.

After appearing before the Honorable John D. McConnell in September 1978 for my oath as an attorney, I left the courtroom to complete a trademark application and began a 41-year career as an attorney in Anson County. In my first two years of practice with the Honorable H.P. Taylor, Jr. I appeared in various state […]

Jan 3 2020

A Personal Note From Fred Poisson, Jr.

I am both happy and sad to announce that my law partner, George C. Bower, Jr. will retire this month after practicing law in Anson County over 41 years. 26 years ago, my father, Fred D. Poisson, Sr., George C. Bower, Jr. and I formed Poisson, Poisson & Bower with the idea of furnishing quality […]

Dec 4 2019

Debt Harrassment

Are You Being Harassed by Debt Collectors? North Carolina has strict laws making it unlawful for debt collectors to engage in debt harassment as a way to get debtors to pay their debts. Poisson, Poisson & Bower, PLLC has attorneys that have experience pursuing claims against debt collectors and creditors harassing debtors as a method […]

Dec 2 2019

A Personal Note From Stewart Poisson

This blog post, written on Thanksgiving Day, is to say thanks. Many of you may have seen our new firm videos on Facebook. Those were my husband’s idea. My husband Andrew was my greatest supporter. As many of you know, Andrew was diagnosed with Stage IV Glioblastoma Multiforme (an aggressive brain tumor) on March 10, […]