Oct 16 2019

Why are North and South Carolina’s Highways a Hotbed for Tractor-Trailer Wrecks?

Should I hire an experienced tractor-trailer personal injury attorney? Tractor-trailer wrecks are complex.  You should consult an attorney that is experienced in trucking litigation if you have been injured by a tractor trailer.  Tractor-trailer wrecks are frequent in North and South Carolina because of our common industries that require tractor-trailer use, including logging and shipping.  […]

Sep 30 2019

What’s a Recorded Statement?

Recorded statements are a part of the insurance company’s investigation. You should consult an attorney before you give a recorded statement.

Sep 24 2018

We’re Relocating our Office in Downtown Wilmington, NC

The Poisson, Poisson & Bower team is excited to share that we will be relocating our office in downtown Wilmington, NC. We’ve acquired a new space in the area and are beginning the process of renovation and redesign to tailor the new space to the needs of our staff and clients. During this transition period, […]

Aug 27 2018

If you Love Someone, Read This.

If I had one piece of legal advice for the citizens and residents of North Carolina, it would be to make sure you protect yourself and your family by spending a little bit extra every month and buy sufficient automobile insurance coverage including uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.  Too many times, I have seen people […]

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