Sep 9 2020

Which judges deserve your vote?

Each year, many of you ask us for advice on which judges to select in the judicial elections. Most people know little to nothing about the judicial elections. Stewart Poisson studies the appellate court opinions and is very familiar with most of the judicial candidates. We therefore do not make these recommendations lightly. There are […]

Aug 31 2020


Voting is so important.  You should not be deterred due to COVID-19. You have several options for how to safely vote during the pandemic.  Below we have provided voting resources and important deadlines and information to keep in mind. Above all else, remember to visit if you have any questions. Vote by Mail Request […]

Aug 29 2020

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Fred Poisson, Jr. Recounts a Criminal Trial in 1976

Fred Poisson, Jr. recounts his second criminal trial back in 1976. It is interesting how different things were back then… My second trial back in 1976 involved a man with a habit of drinking too much and trespassing throughout the neighborhood. I argued to the Court that Mr. H meant no harm – it was […]

Aug 25 2020

Personal Injury Claims During COVID-19: Part 2—Delays

How has COVID-19 affected personal injury insurance claims? Poisson, Poisson & Bower will provide a multi-part assessment on how COVID-19 has affected personal injury insurance claims based on our observations as personal injury attorneys practicing in North and South Carolina. COVID-19 has affected all aspects of life, and personal injury claims are no exception.  The […]

Aug 21 2020


Stewart Poisson and Catherine Wyatt have big wins this week! This week Catherine Wyatt received notice of two Fully Favorable decisions for her clients on Social Security Disability appeals.  Stewart Poisson co-authored a Court of Appeals brief on behalf of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice in a workers’ compensation case involving the correct method […]