Mar 27 2020

COVID-19 Consumer Warnings

With the financial uncertainty and unemployment on the rise, many consumers may face hardship and be unable to pay their bills. Click here to access the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s website outlining a variety of resources and tips for consumers. While there are some industries that will work with you during this difficult time such […]

Feb 19 2020

Defective Construction Part One: Personal Injury

Have you been seriously injured due to the defective construction of a home or business? This is part one of a two-part blog series that will discuss the potential legal ramifications of defective construction. In this blog post, the topic is focused on physical injury and negligence law. Part 2 will focus on North Carolina’s […]

Feb 5 2020

Social Security Benefits

What benefits are available from the Social Security Administration? Social Security benefits are confusing. There are several different types of benefits. Here is some information on each type of benefit: DISABILITY INSURANCE BENEFITS This program pays monthly benefits to people with disabilities that meet certain criteria of the Social Security Administration. Eligibility for Social Security […]

Jan 30 2020

Land Condemnation and Eminent Domain

Is the government seizing all or a portion of your private property for public use? The United States Constitution ensures that a person’s private property cannot be taken by the government without just compensation.      The Courts have created a cause of action against Federal, State and Local entities for situations where these entities seize […]

Jan 15 2020

Five Things You Should Do If You Are Injured at Work

Don’t tank your workers’ compensation claim by doing the wrong thing. Workplace injury claims are complex. Most people think that any injury at work is automatically covered under workers’ compensation. This is not the case, there is a lot more to it than that. The best thing to do if you have been injured at […]