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Cases or matters referenced do not represent the lawyer’s entire record. Each case is unique and must be evaluated on its own merits. The outcome of a particular case cannot be predicated upon a lawyer’s or a law firm’s past results. Testimonials provided in order to comply with State Bar requirements.

Social Security Disability

The law firm represented my family in the past, and I was very well pleased at how professional the firm was. They treated me as if I was a part of their family. They were greatly concerned and made me feel comfortable each time we communicated with each other. They were willing to do whatever necessary to help in my situation. They were very easy to deal with and were willing to answer all my concerns . I never felt rushed or pushed to get out of the office. Catherine Wyatt was very concerned about my situation and very knowledgeable. She wanted to do whatever she could to help me in my time of need. She made me feel like I was part of the family. The staff was friendly and always responded to any calls and concerns promptly.

- G.W., Albemarle, N.C.

Social Security Disability

I was referred to Poisson, Poisson & Bower by my husband. They will handle your case successfully and professionally. They are GOD fearing and know their job.

- E.S., Southern Pines, N.C.

Social Security Disability

Catherine Wyatt is an angel! She helped me get out of dark place. I consider her my friend. She is a blessing to me. I picked Poisson Poisson & Bower because of Catherine. She has years of experience. She told me that it would be a long process to get my disability. The only way I got it is her attention to detail and perseverance. Wonderful experience!

- C.E., Charleston, S.C.

Workers' Compensation

I thank Stewart Poisson for taking my case when so many others (I tried 5 local 1 out of state), all whom said “we will do some research and contact you.” They could not/would not take my case.  They sent me a letter saying such. I was upset and thinking nobody cared and no one would take my case. Somebody told me to try Poisson, Poisson & Bower. I came to her office with a “why try” attitude. She took me to her office, and we spent more time together that one day then all the others combined. She asked so many questions. When everyone said no……she said “let’s try,” with no promises. I/we (my wife) were just happy with a try. We came out of it with a lot more than we ever thought possible. Now whenever I hear someone going through the same, the first thing out of my mouth is Poisson, Poisson, Bower and Stewart’s name.

- M.C., Wilmington, NC

Workers' Compensation

I got injured on the job and at the time my son worked at the hospital. He recommended Poisson, Poisson, and Bower to me. I went into the office and talked with Fred and he made me feel good about my situation. He turned me over to Stewart, and she did a fantastic job. I did not make it easy on her. I made some changes in my work history during the case that did not help her at all. Stewart worked very hard for me, and I received more than I thought I would get. I would recommend this firm to everyone, not just for workers comp., but for any legal needs.

- C.S., Rockingham, NC

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