Quick Facts: NC Unemployment During COVID-19

  • There is usually a one-week waiting period, now there is no waiting period
  • Applicants are entitled to an additional $600 in federal money in addition to the usual weekly amount of the benefit.
  • Self-employed workers or independent contracts are now covered whereas usually they are not.
  • North Carolina applicants are usually limited to 12 weeks of benefits with a max benefit of $350.00 per State law, but under the federal CARES Act, they can now get up to 13 additional weeks if they remain unemployed for reasons related to COVID-19.
  • If employers have received federal PPP funding, they are required to report to the Department of Employment Security if they offer an employee on unemployment his or her job back and the employee refuses to return. The rationale is that the employee should not continue getting unemployment if the job is now available.
  • Qualifying reasons for receiving unemployment benefits have been broadened to include COVID diagnosis or the need to care for someone with a COVID diagnosis.
  • Employees who are able to telework with pay or are receiving paid sick leave are not eligible for unemployment benefits.

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