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 At Poisson, Poisson & Bower, we fight to protect the rights of workers injured on the job to ensure they are treated fairly under the law.

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When you have been injured on the job, figuring out what to do next can be overwhelming. The initial steps you take are vital to the future of your claim. Our attorneys understand the frustration associated with a work-related injury. When you or someone you know has been injured on the job, we can help.

You need to contact an attorney early in your claim. Poisson, Poisson & Bower can help ensure your rights are protected from the beginning. Here to assist you every step along the way, our attorneys are committed to making sure you receive the medical treatment and compensation you need.

You deserve a specialist

Workers’ Compensation is not like any other area of the law. It involves complexities that only a specialist can consistently recognize. Clients who represent themselves or who choose law firms focused on making money and settling cases fast put themselves and their case at risk. Not everyone is a specialist. Only those attorneys designated by the North Carolina State Bar who have demonstrated special knowledge, skill and proficiency in the area of Workers’ Compensation law can call themselves specialists. Our Board Certified specialists, Fred Poisson, Jr. and E. Stewart Poisson, have extensive experience handling workers’ compensation claims. Protect your rights by speaking to one of our specialists today, free of charge.

Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Workers' Compensation Testimonials

I was referred to Stewart Poisson after my accident.  I was unhappy with the lack of service I received by my company’s Workman’s Compensation representative and after meeting with Ms. Poisson, I was extremely impressed with her knowledge and professionalism. I immediately felt confident with Stewart Poisson and her staff.  They were extremely thorough when preparing for my case.  I was well prepared for what to expect, consistently updated with the status of my case and encouraged to offer my input.  The feeling of confidence when dealing with a talented, experienced firm dedicated to their clients is priceless.  Stewart Poisson is extremely knowledgeable, talented and genuinely cares about her clientele.  Her paralegal, Celia, was very supportive and helpful through every step of the process.

My case was an extremely complicated one that involved not only a Workman’s Compensation claim but also a Personal Injury claim.  Stewart Poisson seemed to navigate these complexities with ease.  My final result far exceeded my expectations.  There is no way that I would have had such a positive outcome without her representation.

- T.T., Wilmington, N.C.

Well it’s a long story; but to make it short I meet Mr. Fred Poisson Jr. When I was an assistant teacher, we had taken kids on walking field trip uptown and he stopped and talked to the kids. I thought that was so very kind of him and have been a fan ever since. My initial experience was great at Poisson, Poisson & Bower, and I’m so happy I came there. I recommend Poisson, Poisson & Bower because I trust them with all my affairs. I think that they all have my best interests in all matters. I really believe in everyone there that I have had dealings with. Dianna has always been so nice and easy to talk to, even when I’m having a really bad day. She does all she can to help me when there is a problem, and I really appreciate her for that.

- B.C., Wadesboro, N.C.

I was recommended to Poisson, Poisson & Bower by my son. I have been very well pleased. Always when I call if someone isn’t available they call right back. Never had no complaints, none. I recommend Poisson, Poisson & Bower because of their service – people there care! I’ve been pleased with how the office explains everything, everyone is nice, helpful, and makes you feel like family. I like Dianna’s personality and caringness. She is willing to do things for me, and she gets on things quick to do what I need done. She is always precise, friendly and on top of things. She helps people out as she would want to be helped with if she were in our situation.

- B.T., Laurinburg, N.C.

I was referred by my cousin who was a local chiropractor. I’ve had a great experience with this being my first time ever getting a lawyer. I have recommended Poisson, Poisson & Bower because of the great service and every question I have they answer to the best of their ability. They are prompt to return calls, on point with any problems I need solving and always in a timely manner. Dianna is very understanding with my circumstances even when I’m harsh. She puts herself in my situation and tries to understand what I feel like and does her best to do what she can. She calls to check in. She is always fast about getting back to me.

- D.S., Maxton, N.C.

Poisson, Poisson and Bower was recommended by someone I know. My experience was long and drawn out, but that is the way it is with workers’ comp. Everyone was friendly and good to me. They never thought they were better than me. Dianna always talked to me when I called. They were also very thorough. Everyone thinks this is a fast process but it’s not. They were honest about that with me. Dianna had a friendly attitude, and we were always able to talk to one another. She always got to what I called about right away.

- C.S., Norwood, N.C.

I thank Stewart Poisson for taking my case when so many others (I tried 5 local 1 out of state), all whom said “we will do some research and contact you.” They could not/would not take my case.  They sent me a letter saying such. I was upset and thinking nobody cared and no one would take my case. Somebody told me to try Poisson, Poisson & Bower. I came to her office with a “why try” attitude. She took me to her office, and we spent more time together that one day then all the others combined. She asked so many questions. When everyone said no……she said “let’s try,” with no promises. I/we (my wife) were just happy with a try. We came out of it with a lot more than we ever thought possible. Now whenever I hear someone going through the same, the first thing out of my mouth is Poisson, Poisson, Bower and Stewart’s name.

- M.C., Wilmington, NC

I got injured on the job and at the time my son worked at the hospital. He recommended Poisson, Poisson, and Bower to me. I went into the office and talked with Fred and he made me feel good about my situation. He turned me over to Stewart, and she did a fantastic job. I did not make it easy on her. I made some changes in my work history during the case that did not help her at all. She referred me to their Disability Attorney, Catherine Wyatt, and she gave me advice on how to apply for my disability and it went through the second time. Stewart worked very hard for me, and I received more than I thought I would get. I would recommend this firm to everyone, not just for workers comp., but for any legal needs.

- C.S., Rockingham, NC

I was hurt as a result of a catastrophic industrial accident. We were looking for a lawyer to represent us and found one after talking to a very close friend of ours. Our friend had met Stewart Poisson before and thought she would be a good fit for us. I was in a drug-induced coma for three months, and Stewart made this terrible situation much more tolerable for my wife. She even traveled to UNC Health Care in Chapel Hill to make sure that I was getting the care that I needed. She did address some issues that needed to be changed. One such issue was finding a different doctor, a doctor that was familiar with my type of injury. Switching doctors turned out to be instrumental in my recovery. My wife and I have a lot of confidence in Stewart and would definitely recommend her to anyone requiring a great lawyer. She is very competent and friendly.

- A.S., Wilmington, NC

I injured my back in the early part of 2011 while at work. After trying to deal with workman’s comp by myself, I finally decided it was too much of a hassle so I decided to look for an attorney. I went to Poisson, Poisson & Bower and spoke to Mr. Fred Poisson who immediately understood everything I was going through. I decided to give him a try and my life got a little easier to deal with. No more complicated paperwork or phone calls from workman’s comp, it all went through the attorney’s office. They made sure that everything was handled for me. They handled my case very well and were very consistent on keeping me updated. I finally returned to work and low and behold my back just kept getting worse. I returned to Poisson, Poisson & Bower to talk about what could be done for me. I finally had surgery to repair my back, and have returned to work. Mr. Poisson and Kathryn Scarborough recommended the doctors and I have not had any trouble with my back since returning to work. Kathryn went above and beyond to make sure myself, and my wife were updated on my case anytime something went on. She even checked on me after my surgery. I would recommend Kathryn Scarborough to all my friends and family needing help with a worker’s comp issue. She is a very compassionate person going above her duties to make sure her clients are well taken care of. Thank you Poisson, Poisson & Bower for helping me get my life back in order.

- J.W., Wadesboro, N.C.

I got hurt at work and thought I could manage the situation myself.  Pretty soon things took a turn for the worse at work and I started getting treated ugly by the managers at my workplace.  I realized I might want to look into getting an attorney.  I saw a commercial on TV for a law firm that handles workman’s comp cases and I gave them a call.  The attorney on the commercial told me that he could handle my case and they would see to it that all of my rights were met.  Based on that, I agreed to hire them.  While they were handling my case, I only spoke to the attorney handling my case a couple times in the beginning.  I was always put through to the paralegal after that.  My case was later handed off to a different attorney who was dismissive of what I was going through and he never had any idea of what was going on with my case.  I was not happy with him but I felt like I had to deal with him.  He tried to push me to settle my case and when I refused, he became upset and told me I needed to find someone else to represent me.  I later learned that my case was entirely mismanaged from start to finish in lots of ways.

After I fired the TV lawyer, several people I know and a cousin of mine told me they had used Poisson, Poisson and Bower in the past with great results.  When I met with Kathryn Scarborough, I knew she was the right lawyer for me.  She had a pleasant and upbeat personality and actually heard me out about my case instead of dismissing it from the word go.  She saw that the case and me as a person was worth fighting for and that made all the difference in the world.  I told myself that even if we didn’t win, at least someone had really fought for me.  That is really all I wanted and no other lawyers would do it until I met Kathryn.  I wish she had been my attorney from the beginning.  I could have avoided all types of trouble with my case.  Once she was involved, she sorted out all of the problems caused by my previous attorney and kept me in the loop the whole time.  In fact, one day I remember she was out taking her son to the doctor when I called to speak to her.  I told the staff that I would only speak to Kathryn because no one could lift my spirits like her and only she could give me what I needed to keep going.  Instead of waiting until she got back to the office, she called me from her cell phone on the way to taking her son to the doctor!  I was that important to her!  She got me the information I needed and put me at ease immediately.  When we had to go to a hearing in my case, she made sure I was prepared both with what I was going to say on the stand and just prepared me mentally and emotionally for the experience.  I felt like she was right with me every step of the way.  During the hearing, she handled herself very professionally and stayed focused even though the hearing lasted hours longer than we thought it would.

The bottom line is that the workman’s comp process is long and hard.  You need to feel like your lawyer is right there in the trenches with you or you won’t make it.  Kathryn made me feel that way.  She was just as invested as I was from the beginning.  She took the time to dig into my case and found every way possible to win it.  I can’t say enough about how grateful I am that I found Kathryn to represent me.  I am not sure where I would be without her.  I will always recommend Kathryn and Poisson, Poisson and Bower to anyone that needs some help in the legal field.

- J.H., Jefferson, S.C.

I had a worker’s compensation claim that had been denied. In all fairness I knew that this claim should have been paid. I did not want to use any of the attorneys that you see on TV. I was referred to Poisson, Poisson and Bower by my attorney (he did not handle w/c claims). I was very pleased with all the staff there. My case was not an easy case to say the least. Kathryn Scarborough has gone way out of her way to make sure that all my needs have been meet. Even after my case was won there have been problems with the insurance company. She has gladly helped any way that she could to see that things go as smoothly as possible. I will use Poison & Poison again and I highly recommend them also.

- M.C., Marshville, NC

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