Poisson, Poisson & Bower PLLC handles a complete range of traffic violations for clients in Anson & Richmond Counties, including but not limited to: speeding tickets, careless & reckless driving, unsafe movement, driving while license revoked (non-impaired revocations) and seat belt tickets.

Before you plead guilt to a traffic violation, accept a prayer for judgement, or miss work to attend court, contact our attorneys for more information about how the firm handles traffic matters.

There is no charge speak to an attorney about your traffic matter and for most traffic matters you will receive a quote over the phone.

Call us toll-free 888.694.5515 today to get a no obligation quote over the phone

For Anson and Richmond County traffic matters, contact Davis Poisson

Did you know you that you do not need to attend court for many traffic violations?

Most traffic matters can be handled via the mail and phone with no need to for you return to the county.

Do you understand the disastrous consequences that can result from paying off a speeding ticket or any other traffic citation?

Points from pleading guilty to a traffic matter will raise your car insurance rates for years to come, costing many more times than the cost of hiring an attorney.

Hiring an attorney to handle your traffic violations can help you in the following ways by:

  • Allowing you to keep your driving privileges
  • Eliminating or reducing increases in insurance premiums by minimizing the points added to your driving record.
  • Saving you valuable time and money from appearing in court

The attorneys at Poisson, Poisson & Bower PLLC have handled successfully more than five thousand traffic and criminal matters.

Our attorneys are experienced with traffic law and offer the following advantages:

  • Saving clients from loss of license and increased insurance rates
  • Earning the respect of the District Attorney’s office with their no nonsense way of arguing their client’s case
  • Always giving their best opinion regarding the potential outcome of a case
  • Local expertise from handling traffic matters
  • Arranging referrals at no charge for clients who require legal counsel outside of the firm’s judicial district

The firm’s philosophy on handling traffic matters is as follows:

  • Be prepared at all times
  • Quote reasonable fees
  • Always give honest advice
  • Treat law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office with respect
  • If the client is not guilty, try the case
  • Negotiate the best result possible
  • Return phone calls within twenty-four hours
  • Promptly transmit all legal documents
  • Keep the client informed
  • Referrals to other counties

Our attorneys only handle traffic matters for Anson and Richmond Counties. If you need an attorney for another county, please contact us so that we can refer you to a competent attorney in that county.