Residential and Commercial Real Estate Law

Real estate transactions require a great deal of scrutiny and attention to detail because defects in title can lead to a loss of property rights.

George C. Bower has represented clients in a variety of complex real estate transactions.

All records pertaining to the title of real estate are closely traced by Mr. Bower to verify that the title to the real estate is clear and that there are no claims against the land.

If a buyer attempts to purchase land without a title search and there are problems with the title, the buyer can actually lose rights to the land after he or she has already paid for it.

When Mr. Bower certifies that a title is clear, the client can be sure that Mr. Bower has performed a detailed search of all applicable records and that the title is clear.

Mr. Bower is an approved attorney by all area banks and title insurance companies.

Mr. Bower is also rated as an AV attorney by Martindale-Hubbell, a distinction requiring preeminence, excellence and the highest integrity in the legal profession. Mr. Bower’s expertise in real estate matters compliments his other areas of practice involving business law, tax law and estate law.

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