With more than 33 years of experience, certified non-attorney disability advocate Catherine Wyatt has gained both the knowledge and wisdom to effectively navigate the complex field of Social Security Disability representation. She cares about the people she represents and gives each case her very best effort.

Catherine came to work for Fred Poisson, Jr. in July 1993 and has been with the firm since that time. She first worked as Mr. Poisson’s legal assistant. She next became his paralegal and trial assistant in workers’ compensation and personal injury law. Mr. Poisson then began assigning Catherine disability claims that arose from the workers’ compensation and personal injury cases handled by the firm. He noted that Catherine won more of the cases assigned to her than the cases he referred out to other attorneys.

In 2006, with the support of Fred Poisson, Jr. and the encouragement and prodding from her former employer, Catherine began the involved application process to become a professional non-attorney disability advocate. She fulfilled the requirements, including passing a 3½ hour examination in Social Security Law and Regulations. She was approved in the summer of 2006. She has maintained her non-attorney advocate certification continuously since 2006 and has devoted herself exclusively to disability practice since that time. She has assisted with training attorneys and legal assistants in Social Security practice.

Through the years, Catherine has enjoyed a high approval rate with her cases, including obtaining reversals of cases sent to the Appeals Council of the Social Security Administration. These reversals represent approximately one percent of cases sent for review.