Sep 9 2020

Each year, many of you ask us for advice on which judges to select in the judicial elections. Most people know little to nothing about the judicial elections. Stewart Poisson studies the appellate court opinions and is very familiar with most of the judicial candidates. We therefore do not make these recommendations lightly.

There are three N.C. Supreme Court races on the ballot and five Court of Appeals races on the ballot. THESE RACES ARE VERY IMPORTANT. These races will also be on your ballot regardless of your party affiliation.

N.C. Supreme Court

Chief Justice Cheri Beasley 

Justice Mark Davis 

Judge Lucy Inman

N.C. Court of Appeals

Judge Chris Brook

Judge Jeff Carpenter

Judge Lora Cubbage

Judge Tricia Shields

We do not have a strong feeling for one candidate or the other in the following races, but we are members of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice who has endorsed these judges as well:

Judge Chris Dillon

Click here to learn more about any of these judges and to learn more about the N.C. Advocates for Justice. 

For local elections—those of you who line in Union County—Judge Hunt Gwyn is also a great judge and deserves to be reelected.

Many people know NOTHING about these judicial races/candidates, but these races are important. Please forward information to your family and friends, share on your Facebook or even give out my email address if anyone would like further information from me on these candidates. Please note that we are bipartisan in our support of judges–we do not care about the political party as much as we care about the judge’s temperament and ability as a judge.